Steve Kirkpatrick

for Wheat Ridge City Clerk 2019
Impartial - Transparent - Experienced



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Tuesday, September 24 6-9 pm

Wheat Ridge City Council Chambers

Saturday October 5, 1-4 PM

3 Twilight Drive, Wheat Ridge


Why am I running for Wheat Ridge
City Clerk?


As the official charged with overseeing elections and safekeeping all municipal documents and records, the City Clerk must be transparent and impartial.  


The first thing most people ask me when I say I am a candidate for City Clerk in Wheat Ridge is, “What does the City Clerk do?”


The answer boils down to three key roles:


  • Election Commissioner – oversees all election matters (in Colorado, by law, Jefferson County manages the balloting)

  • Issues licenses – including liquor licenses

  • Safekeeping of all city records – the Clerk documents the proceedings of the City Council in the official minutes, and records of all ordinances and changes to City Code, zoning change apps and decisions, proceedings of boards and commissions….  

So, for example, if a group of citizens circulate a petition to put a question on the election ballot for Wheat Ridge, the City Clerk receives the petitions and verifies the signatures of our voters.  If someone wants to file an Open Records request to see city documents or records, the Office of the City Clerk processes their request.


So, the essential standards the City Clerk must uphold are transparency (access to all public records, kept accurately and faithfully) and impartiality.  

Because the City Clerk oversees elections, of both candidates for public office and ballot questions put before the voters, the Clerk remains impartial with respect to these issues.  

What inspired me to run?


My neighbors came to me and asked me to run for a seat on the City Council.  I started that process, and within days several city leaders, both elected and devoted civic volunteers, asked me to step up one level and run for the citywide office of City Clerk.


Why?  As I met others and they began to get acquainted, and learn about my background, someone proposed the idea that my qualifications, education, business experience and character make well suited to serve as City Clerk.  


The office of the City Clerk must remain above suspicion or taint of partiality.  That requires a strong reputation for doing business with integrity and knowledge of government and professional ethics.  


Several Wheat Ridge leaders and civic volunteers seemed to think I fit that bill.  Obviously, it is for the voters of Wheat Ridge to decide if you agree.  

With all humility, I pledge to fulfill our neighbors’ expectations as Wheat Ridge City Clerk.

Endorsements -

Steve Kirkpatrick

for Wheat Ridge

City Clerk

Steve is balanced, smart, talented, and he cares deeply about the future of Wheat Ridge. He has demonstrated his skills in business for over forty years and is a trusted and engaged neighbor. Steve brings intelligence, character, and strong ethics to everything he does, and he is our best choice for Wheat Ridge City Clerk.


George Pond

City Council Member, District III

Wheat Ridge, CO 



I've known Steve Kirkpatrick for over 25 years, including as a co-worker and entrepreneur in local business. He is a person who is always ready to help others solve complex business problems. His obvious strengths are his energy, sense of humor, intellect, and sound character. Steve is a person one can trust, both as a friend and someone whose business integrity adheres to the highest standards. I strongly and enthusiastically endorse him for Wheat Ridge City Clerk.  


We need more like him serving in public office!


Daniel Guenther

Viet Vet (Captain, United States Marine Corps)

Author, entrepreneur

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Steve Kirkpatrick for the past 19 years.  We have shared personal joy and sorrow to the point that we consider Steve and his wife, Kathy, as family members.  He has served as a trusted advisor and role model in terms of critical thinking and problem solving with an unwaveringly sound moral compass, all traits that I’m sure will serve the people of Wheat Ridge very well.  I highly endorse him to the citizens of Wheat Ridge to serve as the next City Clerk.


John A. Purdy

Entrepreneur, small business owner, former teacher

Applewood Knolls

I have known Steve Kirkpatrick for 15 years, and during that time have had both business dealings and personal dealings.   In each of these categories I have found Steve to be forthright, honest and thorough.  He has an acute focus in being accurate and detailed.  When he is chosen to be the City Clerk for Wheat Ridge, I have no doubt he will surpass any and all expectations in his performance of those duties.   


Commander Fred Sycuro (US Navy, Ret.)

Retired Navy officer and schoolteacher

I’ve known Steve Kirkpatrick since 2013, when my wife and I moved from the Twin Cities and settled in Wheat Ridge.   Steve shows a continuous and strong interest in civic and neighborhood matters.  He has been an exemplary neighbor who is always ready to help anyone in need.  He is a person of honest character and strong ethics.  His strong capabilities when it comes to organizing things and inspiring others to follow him mean he will do an excellent job as Wheat Ridge City Clerk.  


Edward A. Volk

Retired business executive

Wheat Ridge, CO

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