These experiences lead others to endorse me for City Clerk:


•    Continuous resident of Wheat Ridge since July 1991 – 28 happy years and counting.

•    46 years of business experience, including banking on Wall Street and owning small businesses right here in Colorado.  

•    Four university degrees, including a Ph.D. in behavioral science – specializing in organizational leadership.  

•    Entrepreneur – manager in 9 start-up businesses, 8 of which still operate.

•    Experience working with government agencies, ranging from the Pentagon to Eagle County and the County Sheriffs of Colorado.  

•    Developed a business ethics course for banking officers and executives that is still offered today, 31 years later.  

•    Character means doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do, even when no one is watching.  

•    Leaders serve their constituents, not the other way around.  


My education

•    Bachelor’s degree in math and physics, University of Delaware

•    Master’s degree in math and statistics, University of Arizona, Tucson

•    Master’s degree in counseling and human resources, also U of A.

•    Ph. D. in behavioral science, U of A.  


Some of my accomplishments:

•    Elected to the Board and to President of the Front Range Chapter of the Society for Talent Development

•    National Science Foundation fellowship

•    Published author, including 5 books on professional subjects

•    Won award for best new publication as editor-in-chief of a professional journal in organizational leadership

•    Dean of a graduate school of organizational leadership for 4 years.

•    ¡Y También, hablo Español!


My Story

My wife of 32 years, Kathy Plummer, is a retired nurse practitioner.   We moved to Wheat Ridge where we have happily lived in the same home in Paramount Heights, northwest of 26th and Kipling, since 1991.  

My mom was an RN, who worked as the nurse manager on a medical surgical floor. My dad worked his way up the ranks in the insurance industry from a homeowner’s claim adjuster to retire as a regional vice president.

Shortly after I finished grad school in 1980, I was offered a position in New York City. Kathy and I lived there for 11 years.  In my last position in New York I worked as a vice president at a major bank on Wall Street.  Since coming to Colorado, I have been both self-employed, and helped to start eight profitable businesses.  

My dad’s career moved us around a lot when I was growing up.  Living in different parts of the USA, and in cities ranging from the small town where I went to high school and metro areas like New York, NY, allowed me to witness the problems and challenges of cities, the methods and approaches they used to meet those challenges, and to see varying levels of success they have had.  

These experiences have helped me appreciate all the more why we treasure so much the advantages and benefits we enjoy living in Colorado and Wheat Ridge.  

Then, in 1991, when I was offered the position of president for a software start-up company and Kathy was asked to open the Kenneth Gottesfeld Center for Fetal Health at Rose Medical Center, we had the chance to move to Colorado.  We were thrilled!

I have been in the process of retiring since 2012, and every time I think I am done someone asks me to help them just one more time with some sort of problem or project.  My professional practice only keeps me busy about 3 days a month.

I am ready, willing and able to serve the people as Wheat Ridge City Clerk.  


I humbly ask for your vote so I can serve the people of Wheat Ridge today and ensure our quality of life for those who will live here tomorrow.  


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