My platform stands on two principles:  impartial and transparent.  
Why those two words?  The Wheat Ridge City Clerk serves the people of our City in a number of ways, that can be summarized like this:
  • Issue certain licenses - especially liquor licenses
  • Maintain the City's official archives:  all records of city ordinances, commission proceedings, City Council meetings and zoning changes, among others
  • Election commissioner - oversees all elections, including the filing of petitions to put measures before the voters in our City
We the People have the right under the Wheat Ridge City Charter to bring issues before the voters in an election, including zoning changes.
Since growth - when, where, how and what kinds - concerns us all here in Wheat Ridge, we may see a number of questions on our ballots brought before us through voter petitions.  
The City Clerk is charged with the process of ensuring that those petitions meet the standards set by Colorado Law and City Code.  
So the City Clerk is the umpire who calls the plays according to the rules, if you will.  As City Clerk, the umpire, I will enforce the rule of law impartially, without fear or favor, transparently informing the public of developments.  
Free and fair elections are the backbone of our Democracy, and I will preserve, protect and defend our elections.   


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